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What Griggs Vacuums customers think about our service!

What Our Customers Think....

I'd like to thank you for exceeding my expectations for customer service. My first impression was when I asked Rebekah about your hours, and after telling me, she quickly added that she would stay later if I needed her to. To my genuine surprise, my experience only improved from there:
-- Then I received an email directly from you confirming my purchase and offering to answer any questions I had.
--Next, I received my Miele upright promptly as promised. The product box itself was wrapped in several additional boxes that had been cut to fit and meticulously taped with a level of care I just do not expect from ANY company. (I wrap my family's packages that way)
--I open the box and find that, first, it looks as though Rebekah packed the box herself and took the time to check off (on the invoice) that each item ordered had been included. The vacuum was in perfect condition.
I listed each of these actions because I wanted you to know that every one of them was noted and appreciated. From beginning to end this was an easy and assured experience. My career and the fact that my wife and I are expecting a daughter in less than a month keeps me very busy, but I was happy to make time to write this note of thanks because I was so truly impressed. Incidentally, I have a friend in Kansas City who is thinking of purchasing a new vacuum cleaner in the near future. I will pass along a glowing recommendation. Thanks again for your courtesy and professionalism. You have earned a loyal customer and advocate.
Justin, New Jersey

I brought my backpack vacuum in to get a short fixed. I called and they said it was ready. When I picked it up the nice man told me no charge because it was a loose wire and he didn't charge me. I want to thank you so much for being so kind and honest. I have always known that your shop and your Dad were the nicest people. I will return with more vacuum's soon.
Thank you Nicki Tibbits (3/02/11)

Wanted to tell you how much I like my Mighty Mite, to which you expertly directed me several months ago.  Thank you!  I ended up ordering another as a gift (which my mother now loves, too).  I didn't know that I could like a vacuum so much!

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new Miele Callisto vacuum cleaner!  Our tile floors have never been cleaner and we love how easy it is to vacuum the carpets as well.  I can’t imagine we would ever return to using an upright now that we know how functional and efficient a canister vacuum can be. Thank you so much for your assistance in helping us to choose the perfect vacuum for our household.  We feel confident we made the right decision in buying the Callisto, and we are equally confident that would not have been the case without your wise counsel.  As you know, this is our second vacuum purchase from you, the first being the Sanitaire we purchased for use in our motor home several years ago.  We love them both.
Connie Beckes, AZ

I love, love my Miele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you.
Chris Shoemaker

I bought my vacuum cleaner from you because it was a bit less expensive than one on  That was in 2006.  I have been a loyal customer ever since always buying my vacuum cleaning bags from you.  You in turn have been a fantastic business owner, offering me exceptional customer service.  You even set up a code where I could get a 10% discount every time I ordered (remind me what it is, I need to order!!!)  And a few years ago, we swapped stories on our e-newsletters to customers. I know that when I am in the market for a vacuum cleaner again, I will be turning towards your website in Colorado .  This proves that a small business owner can build relationships across state lines without ever having met their customer.
Pamela, VA

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my merchandise today and that I am extremely impressed with your service. Not only did the item arrive in great shape but it also got here so fast Icouldn't believe it. Also what prompted me to write is that I want to thank Rebekah for writing the nice note on the invoice. It makes all the difference to me when a business cares enough about thier customers to take the time to thank them for being your customers. I wish you a very prosperous year and I just want you to know that even though I'm in texas I will continue to shop with you for all my needs in this area. Thanks again to Rebekah and give her a raise!! Lol . Have a great day.
Edward, TX

I ordered a cheapie filter - they didn't get it in stock as soon as they thought they would, so they actually went to walmart, bought the filter at retail, and shipped it to me, rather than decline my business. Unusual to see this level of customer service and commitment to commerce in this internet age. I'll buy everything vacuum related from these people from now on.
Jared, CA

Thank you for the great "service after the sale", it is very enjoyable to find a company willing to go way out of their way to ensure their customer's satisfaction the way you have, and yes you may print that... lol. i will definitely be doing more business with you and your place of business as my business grows. Thank you again.
Steven Lacoursiere

I love the vacuum that I bought from you, and promise when I need another one, or any related item, will obtain from you. Always enjoy news from you. I have one of these great little Eureka Mighty Mites.....they really are just the very best and do exactly as you have advertised here! Again, thanks for keeping me updated on new products.

Thanks for all the wonderful help!  If you are this helpful on a small sale, I'm coming back for the big one!!  Take care, & thanks, again!
(See Franky's Comments on her 96DZ purchase)
Franky , Kerrville, TX


"Rebecca called and got the shipping address for the replacement order.  We are surprised that you are willing to replace the missing items.  Your follow-up and follow-through have been amazing and much appreciated  Again I want to thank you for all of your efforts and for the generous replacement of the missing items.  If you need a supportive testimonial for your business or customer service I would be glad to provide one. "
Lee Nye, Oregon

Yes, received the Capricorn vacuum in fine shape.  Thank you for the quick shipping and bags.  I see they (the bags) have changed a bit in the 12 years since I bought my White Pearl.  I have a few other observations if you’ll indulge me. I hold the canister while I vacuum and thus can attest to the weight savings of the newer model.  Also, the SEB-236 Powerbrush that I recently purchased seems to be equipped with a brighter, bluish light than my old unit.  Pardon another German car reference but the light reminds me of the Porsche Litronic or BMW Xenon headlamp cluster.  It really illuminates the floor well. Don’t know if this speaks to the efficiency of the Capricorn but I purposely vacuumed a few days before it arrived using a clean bag in my old White Pearl.  Then I went over the same area with the Capricorn & new Powerbrush and checked the bag afterwards.  While it wasn’t that full of dirt, the amount in the bag surprised me.  Since I’m the neat person in my house (wife & two kids) I do the vacuuming as we’ve discussed.  The White Pearl either needs a tune-up (entirely possible) or the Capricorn is that much of a leap forward in cleanliness.  Certainly am not complaining here. I also like how the new hose articulates at the top and find my hand is quite comfortable with the grip.  The Powerbrush almost glides forward much like a self-propelled lawn mower.  Only downside I see to the hose is it’s undoubtedly more expensive due to the built-in controls.  And as you know, I seem to purchase new hoses every few years or so.  All in all, another wonderful Miele product for those of us who do enjoy the best of the best – even when speaking of vacuum cleaners.

Dwight, I can’t impart enough appreciation over your stellar customer service which is why I’m so loyal to Griggs Vacuums.  Whether we’re exchanging emails on a Sunday or you’re calling me at home to help chase down a part, it’s your level of dedication and gracious manner that can’t be matched anywhere else. 
Your #1 customer in Texas !

I would like to say thank you for your excellent service!Your prices are very reasonable, your shipping is very very fast and your personal hand written note in the order thanking me for being a customer just proves the excellent service and customer care you have.I chose to order from you because you had the lowest price for both the product and shipping. I placed my order on a Saturday and was very surprised to receive it on Monday; especially considering you’re in Colorado and I’m in Minnesota! Incase others are reading I did not request next day air or any special shipping.  If I ever need anything else regarding vacuums I will always come to you and recommend your company to others.
Randy Johnson

I wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU!  Your prices were great, shipping was super-fast, and the products are excellent.  My husband said the new hose was super easy to install.  Keep up the great work. Again, thank you for saving me a lot of money and hassle fixing my vacuum!
Sarah, Jamestown, NC

Hi there-  Glad I found you.... finding vacuum bags for my old mighty mights was a chore... no one ever had them. I had to run all over this city.   Then I found you!!!   Thanks for being such a good company. 
Best wishes always.  Susan E. (Boca Raton, Fla.)

Dwight:  Thankyou so much for the prompt response and very helpful advice.   I love doing business with Griggs! Again, Thanks. 
Sincerely,  Thea

I also want to thank you for all of your wonderful help. I have been using the vacuum like crazy and I absolutely love it. Thanks once again. You guys are one of few companies in the world with Excellent Customer Service!!!!!! I meant what I said.  I won't buy a vacuum from anywhere else.  Thank you again.

Dwight, You sweet talked me into the Callisto just before Christmas, and I love it! Skateboard to luxury sedan is the difference. I am happy with the use and the results of this machine  I have named it Tonto, by the way.  It has been really very good for our allergic family, but would be a boom to anyone. Yes, a gulp at the expense, but I can see it is making for better health for us.
Thanks, Joan

Living in the East a person seldom finds this kind of service and satisfaction to the customer! I was thrilled to get my new power head and am seeing quite a difference in my carpets! Thank you again for such excellent service to this very satisfied customer. I hope it's a long time until I need a new vacuum, but I will buy it from you!
Judy Hankinson

I have never encountered an online website with the quality of your customer service.  You are terrific.Thank you so very much. 

I had ordered three items on the same day and yours was the first to arrive on my doorstep. I ordered a new outer bag w/zipper for my 20 year old Eureka. When I unzipped the bag to install the paper bag, I was happily surprised when there was one already installed in the cloth bag. It installed easily and works better than ever!
Thanks, Monica

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help with my vacuum cleaner purchase.  You made what could have been a very difficult situation very easy and smooth.  Everything has arrived and is all put together and working beautifully!I do love my vacuum cleaner and hope to use it for many year to come.  My husband and I are both absolutely amazed at the amount of stuff it picks up each time I vacuum!  I don't know how we were breathing at all before I got this thing! I'll definitely recommend you to everyone I know!
Jean Clodfelter

I've been meaning to write to you for a while now.  I wanted to give you my warmest thanks for the personal attention you gave me while I was shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.  You were committed to ensuring that I had all of the information I needed to make a good decision...and you based your recommendations on my needs, which you listened to very carefully.  You were always available to answer my questions, which were many, and were sent at all sorts of odd hours.  (Really, you need to take a break from work occasionally!)  Bottom line, I am thrilled with my new Miele Capricorn, and with the exceptional help I received from you.(Read More)
Cherry Burke

I am just writing to let you know how pleased I am with your company.  I placed my order for replacement filters on Friday evening and I received them on Monday afternoon.  And where I live, the mail moves like a snail.  I don't know how you did it.  We will certainly order from you again.  Great service!
Sandra Hutt

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I ordered some parts for my vacuum on March 21 and the parts were delivered to my home in Washington on March 23. Everything that I ordered arrived and was in great shape. Now I'm good to go for another couple hundred miles of vacuuming. Thank you very much, if I need anymore parts I will be coming back to your web page.
Diane Kytta

I sincerely appreciate the service from griggs.  It is a breath of fresh air in today's market.  Thank you. 

I received my order today and I am very pleased with the product. Thank you for your great customer service and timely shipping. I will recommend your web site to several family members and friends.
Jean Pino

I received my Eureka Vacuum today and I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the way you handled my order. I have had some unpleasant experiences over the Internet, and found doing business with you a pleasure. You can put me down as a well satisfied customer who looks forward to doing business with you again. Thank you!
Raymond Del Paggio

This is my first purchase from Griggs Vacuum and I could not be more pleased. Your site is very easy to navigate/place an order. Your Customer Service is EXCELLENT +++++. I received immediate responses to my questions before placing my order. I received my order in a very timely manner and on the date it was promised. I am very, very satisfied with this transaction and with my product. I will definitely be a future customer and I have already highly recommended your company to several of my friends. Companies such as yours are very rare these days and especially on-line! Thank You.
Betty Hauser

Your customer service is first rate! When I had a problem with the new vacuum I order, a replacement was shipped immediately and received in just a few days. And I was shocked when I called your customer service number and actually got a person . . . a cheerful and very helpful person.
Wayne & Patti Finch

Wow ! Phone call follow-up two years later. I ordered a vacuum two years ago (6/6/03) and I had a question about an odor coming from the vacuum cleaner. I sent an email asking for assistance. Not only did I receive an answer, I received a long distance phone call to discuss the matter. You don't even get local home-town service like that. I'd just like to say thank you. I wish I could do more to tell people about your service and web site. Again, many thanks for your excellent service.
Fred Michels

I have been so pleased with your service that I have already sent a recommendation to everyone in my address book. This really is an excellent product. It just makes the cleaning chore so much easier. would be a privilege to help you in any way possible.

This is the first time I've dealt with your company, and I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that you are the most efficient company I've dealt with online, including any ebay transactions. You supplied me with all the info I needed without asking for it, and the vacuum cleaners bags were delivered ontime. Thank you very much, and I look forward to future orders with you.
Candice Krull

Thanks very much for your vacuum advice--I love my new mighty mite! It's exactly what the Dr. Ordered!

Great Customer Service from Dawn!
Odessa Swan

I am very pleased with everything that happened - from my ordering to receiving items, to the followup. Your company has been great and I am now a loyal customer.
Frank Matzer

Wonderful Service!
Holly McDermott

You guys are fast, and easy to do business with. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting a reliable vendor, with quality product, and a staff sharp enough to get things done quickly, and efficiently.

You guys have been terrific and I think your attention to customer service is outstanding.
Barbara Lee

I have never had anyone in any capacity online respond to me so quickly! I can't believe it! That kind of a response is the sign of a good company. My dad ran a big company for years and that was one of his requirements. It tells the customer you're listening and you mean good business. Thanks for a great response. Now I really look forward to my new vacuum!
Michelle Seyer

THANK YOU SO MUCH! for the help over the phone with our vacuum! It had been awhile since we got to use it, so I was especially ready for it to work. Tim would never have finished the chore with out Dwight's help.So, Thanks again for one stop shopping at Griggs!
The Halls

You guys are gems. But, then, I knew that years ago when I ordered my first vacuum cleaner from Griggs. Everything arrived in record time. Thanks very much,
Gayland Bryant

I purchased a Eureka vacuum several weeks ago. I just wanted to send some feedback regarding my purchase. I was VERY SATISFIED with my purchase. The item was shipped exactly as ordered and in a timely fashion. WE LOVE THE VACUUM and will definitely do business with you again the future!!!!!!!!!!! A++++++ service.
Tonya Morgan

I would just like to say "thanks" for the fantastic service. Great customer service. I have bookmarked your website in my favorites.
Cindy Mills

Thanks, this is my second vacuum from you and I am very pleased with the friendliness of your on-line site, your prices, selection, sense of urgency and service. I will always get my vacuums through you.

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was doing business with your company. The products are of high quality & your service is second to none. I will certainly highly recommend Griggs to anyone looking for the products you offer. Thank you, Thank you!
A.E. Cockrill

I would like to thank you for you quick efficient service. We are in the process of placing our third order.
Arlan Smith

I would very much like to complement you on a service call I put in the same day I received the vacuum cleaner. A plastic wheel was broken on the unit. It appeared to be a problem at the factory shipping/packing, not UPS. I called late in the day to report the problem. The person who take care of it was very courteous and said she would sent out another right away. It arrived yesterday, about 3 days after I called. Wow ! Now that's what I call service.
Fredrick Michels

You people were sending me your great newsletter to my old email address and i had switched to msn a few weeks ago and i don't want to miss any of your great tips. looking forward to your next newsletter. thank you,
Jim Smith

I just wanted to thank you all again for your prompt help in resolving my problem with a Eureka 4870 that I had bought. You recommended a Sanitaire model, with the Mighty Mite, and I am so happy with both of these vacuums. I love the Sanitaire -- it does a great job on the carpets -- especially the heavy traffic areas. Thanks again, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and New Year!
Kathleen Tierney

I spent allot of time, searching the web, researching the best vacuums, and looking for the cheapest one. Your web site and your company was the best one! You even beat out Wal-Mart. That's tough to do now a days. Thank you for being the best. I will refer more vacuum customers to you and your web site.
Chris Randler

Thank you for your help. It is good to know there is a company that hasgood customer service on the internet. I don't think I will purchase these products as I can buy a new one for almost the same price. However, I will probably buy it from your internet site. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Nancy Foote

The vacuum just arrived. I look forward to trying it out - well as much as one can look forward to vacuuming anyway! Thanks for the great service and speedy delivery Sandy.
Scott Callaghan

Thanks so much for your help and kindness! I appreciate your personal touch.
Janine Hall

Just wanted to say that this was a great shopping experience. We received the vacuum within a few days of ordering and everything works great. Thanks.
Jim Owens

My experience with Griggs vacuums was the best on-line shopping experience I have had, they are friendly and very knowledgeable.
Sandy Rogowski

I would be crazy to buy from anyone else. Thanks again!
Teri Melton

It is nice to know that there are still some good companies out there that offer great value and terrific service - keep up the good work!
Lynette Binns

I knew my old machine wasn't working that well anymore, but I had no idea how bad it really was. I was very satisfied with your service.
Jo-Ann McAuliffe

Thank you for your prompt, courteous service! My machine arrived very quickly, and your price was great. You'll be high on my list...
Judi Y

Thank you for the excellent service! I searched the stores and online sites and you had the best prices.
Iris Young

From the moment I had my question quickly answered, through the delivery of my purchase, the quality of this experience was by far the best I have enjoyed with an online merchant.
Angelita Dehe

Thank you very much for your excellent service. We'd be glad to give good referrals if someone asks about your internet service.
Michael and Mary Alice Moffitt

Thank you so much for calling, now THAT is service. I can't even get my doctor to call me! As our son would say, 'these are the kind of people you want working for you!'
Del and Gail Thorpe

You also always reply to my correspondence in a timely and extremely friendly fashion and overall doing business with your company has been wonderful.
Dawn Rew

I'd rather give the business to you guys versus the bigger guys, but I have to have a consumer difference, so that's why the negotiations. I will refer your business.
Bill J. Hall

I very much appreciate your company's efficiency, and I am impressed with the professionalism as well. Thanks again!
Sincerely, Melissa Jacobs

I'm a satisfied customer who doesn't need any vacuum supplies at the moment. But I truly enjoy your newsletter! Keep me on your mailing list please!
Gwyneth Beagley

I LOVE the vacuum. It is truly one of the best I have used. Also, thank you for your on line services. Thanks again for all you offer.

I recently attended some training and they said the customer is our first priority - Your company and staff are showing that is true!! Keep up the Great Service.
Peter Bengtson

I have been happy with my purchase and when this vacuum wears out (which I hope won't be for 10 years or more) I will surely look up Griggs again for my next vacuum purchase.
Nathan Redden

I'm very impressed with the service I received from Griggs Vacuums. I can't say enough good things about Griggs Vacuums. Thank you again!
Dawn Marchert

Our vacuum arrived yesterday and I just love it so far. We bought it to replace a behemoth of a vacuum so weight-wise it's just a dream! Thank you for your wonderful service.
Lisa Swift

Just want say that I was really impressed with your attitude to us the customers. All things promised were honored, questions were answered quickly and the order was delivered fast. Good job!
Ernest Mishkin

Just wanted to say thank you for making our Eureka canister purchase a pleasant one.I would also like to add - The professional and courteous service we received at Griggs made this one of the best internet buying experiences!
Scott Walter

I shop on line a lot and this has to be the most hassle free transaction and fairest deal I've experienced. Thank you! I like the way you do business
Troy Withers

I'm also impressed with the way you guys do business. I will direct any and all people I talk to that are in the market for a vaccum to your company. And.. I'll remember that promise of help fixing these if there's a problem..
Ron Stiteler

I would like to say thanks for the timely delivery and for beating the competitor's price! It is heartening to see in todays world of lowered service quality, someone who still lives up to a higher standard
Greg Spektor

We have a family full of allergies and was looking for a vacuum that would clean and filter well. It was easy ordering through you with a good price..
Alesia Sivley

Dear friends, At Christmas two years ago, my mother-in-law said that she would like to buy me a nice new vacuum. After much searching, I found that Griggs Vacuums had the best price on the vacuum I had decided I wanted based on a cleaning expert's recommendation. When I called Griggs, Mr. Griggs didn't just take my order, but he asked me about the use I planned for the vacuum, our house, whether I planned to use it upstairs and down and other questions. Based on what I told him, he recommended a different vacuum. I thought he was just trying to sell a more expensive machine, and I told him that my budget would only cover the one I planned on buying if I was going to be able to afford the handheld vacuum I needed with it. He said he felt so strongly that the one he suggested would be best for us, that he would put it together with a slightly cheaper handheld, discount it, and offer me a price similar to the one I'd been prepared to pay. Well, that convinced me and I bought it. When I ordered the vacuums and bags, I was concerned about the cost of so many bags for both, so he even sold me a mixed box of bags! I could not believe it when I opened my shipment and he had even thrown in a few belts in case I'd need them. I certainly blessed him when a belt broke a few weeks later on a day I really needed my vacuum. I have used these vacuums for two years in a household with six boys and have been extremely happy with them. They have been just exactly what I needed. I am thankful that I bought my vacuums from a company with an ethic of integrity and service - that truly puts the customer first. I've told many friends that Griggs is the best place to buy a vacuum - even if you live across the country.
Thank you! Melanie Young

I chose your site because I could find everything I needed, with free shipping and handling, And a coupon!
Jill Brehm

Really like the newsletter, thanks for all the great cleaning tips!
Peggy Cole

I'm so glad to have found you! I love your newsletters too!
Cathy Carpenter


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