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We offer our online customers the complete line of Riccar bags, belts, and filters. Unfortunately we are unable to sell our vacuums online. If your are a Colorado resident, please contact one of our stores listed below to purchase your Riccar vacuum.

Griggs All Bag and Belt
1704 West Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs , CO 80904

Griggs Vacuums
507 North Hwy. 24
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Not sure which belt, bag or filter your Riccar uses? Find the model of your Riccar Vacuum below and choose the correct bag, belt or filter for it. If you are not able to locate it, please email us through our parts inquiry or by phone at (800)840-5080 and we will locate it for you.



Part # Style Bag Models
Performance HEPA Bags
RXH-6 Type X Radiance
RWH-6 Type W Brilliance
RHH-6 Type H 1800, 1700, 1500 Series, Pristine,Charisma, Star
RAH-6 Type A Vibrance, 4000, R Series
RBH-6 Type B 8000 Series
RFH-6 Type F Supralite
RZH-6 Type Z Moonlight, Sunburst
Paper Bags
C13-6 C13-6 4000, R Series
C15-6 C15-6 8000 Series
C13-12 C13-12 4000, R Series
C15-12 C15-12 8000 Series
RSL-6 RSL-6 Supralite
C18-6 C18-6 1800, 1700, 1500 series, Pristine, Charisma ,Star
RZP-6 RZP-6 Moonlight, Sunburst
C16-6 Not available Online C16-6 RC-1100
Part # Style Models
PVB-9 PVB-9 Radiance, Brilliance
A20-R2P A20-R2P 4000, 8000, R Series
RBS-2 RBS-2 ULW Supralite
PVB PVB Canister Power Nozzle, Poly V
Part # Style Models
RF9UG-1 RF9UG-1 RADP- HEPA Plus & Granulated charcoal filter set
RF9-1- Not available online RF9-1 RAD- HEPA & charcoal filter
RF9U-1-Not available online RF9U-1

RAD, RADP- HEPA plus & charcoal filter

RF9G-1 RF9G-1 RAD- HEPA & granulated charcoal filter set
RF5P RF5P BRLP- HEPA & electrostatic/charcoal filters
RF5D RF5D BRLD- Electrostatic/foam & electrostatic/charcoal filters
RF5SC RF5SC BRLS- Electrostatic/foam & electrostatic 2ndary filters
RVPF RVPF Vibrance Premium Models- HEPA & charcoal
RVF-2 RVF-2 Vibrance Deluxe & Standard models- electrostatic
RF8900P-1 RF8900P-1 8955- electrostatic pleated
RF8-2 RF8-2 Old 8000 series- 3M filtrete
RF89-2 RF89-2 8900, 8905, 8920, 8925- 3M filtrete
RF4-2 RF4-2 4000, R Series - electrostatic post filter
RF2-3 RF2-3 2000 Series - 2ndary, 3M filtrete
RCF89-2 - Not available online RCF89-2 8900 series NO Tools models - charcoal filter
RCFT89-2 RCFT89-2 8900 Series Tool models - charcoal filter
RF17 RF17 1800, 1700 Full size canister models - HEPA, Post ,& charcoal
RF15 RF15 1500P, 1500M, 1500S Mid Size Canister - HEPA post only
RF13 RF13 Moonlight - HEPA & 2ndary filters
RF14 RF14 Sunburst - HEPA & 2ndary filters
RF18 RF18 Pristine, Charisma, Starbright Mid size canister - HEPA filter
RFC-2- Not available online RFC-2 RC-1400 Canister model

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