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When making the choice to buy a Miele, we know that you have already done your homework and have decided that you want a vacuum that will last, one that has great filtration, is beautifully engineered, and QUIET!

Once you make that decision, now you have to decide which one is going to suit your needs. We would like to help you with that decision and have targeted a few interest areas to try and streamline your choices.

Please take a moment to look through the choices below or skip right to the bottom of the page, answer a few questions and we'll help you make your choice. We will contact you within 24 hours with our recommendation.

Things to consider when choosing your Miele...

1. The first thing to consider is what kind of floor surface you need to vacuum. Wall to Wall carpets, Area Rugs, or Bare Floor Surfaces require different floor heads to clean them properly.

2. The next consideration would be if you wanted HEPA filtration or not. If you have allergies or alot of dust, I would highly recommend that you do choose the HEPA. The HEPA Certified vacuums are entirely Sealed systems and considered certified HEPA. The HEPA Filtered Vacuums have a HEPA filter but the system is not entirely sealed unless they are certified.

3. Another consideration is the type of wand system to choose. There are standard wands, telescopic wands, and the direct connect telescopic wand system. Standard wands are metal wands that snap together. When used with an electrical power head the cord is exposed and runs along the outside of the wand. Telescopic wands are one piece wands that telescope to the desired length. The direct connect wand system has no exterior cords and the wand is telescopic. We recommend the Direct Connect Wand for use with an electical power head.

4. Air Flow is another feature to consider. The CFM of Airflow for the S5 and S4 Galaxy series is more than 141CFM and the S500 series vacuums is 141CFM.

If you have any wall to wall carpet you will need a powerhead. If you also have area rugs and bare floors you can always turn the powerhead off to clean those areas, or use the turbo head, or the parquet floor tool that is available. Some models come standard with the SEB217 Powerhead which is the smaller powerhead, and others will come with the SEB236 powerhead. We recommend the SEB236 if you have pets or large areas of carpet. The SEB236 is the larger of the powerheads, has a headlight, and has carpet height adjustment. Below we have listed the Miele canisters that have powerheads and which one is included with them. We've also indicated which canisters are HEPA certified, or HEPA filtered. Another nice feature available on some of the vacuums is the Direct Connect Wands. No exterior cord is visible to connect or disconnect when you are cleaning.

The NEW S4 Galaxy series does not come with a powerhead.

S5 Series except for the S5280 Picses, includes either the SEB217 or the SEB236 powerhead, depending on the model chosen, has the direct connect wand and is HEPA certified.
S4 Galaxy Series has the SBD450 Floor tool and is Hepa Certified
The S2180 Titan and S2120 Delphi include the SEB217 powerhead and are HEPA filtered.


The next series of Miele canisters would be used if you had NO wall to wall carpet, but did have Area Rugs and Bare Floors. The STB205 Turbo Brush is a great attachment for these models. It is a floortool with an air driven brushroll that is used on area rugs or rugs that can't tolerate the electric driven brushroll activity.

S5280 Piscescomes standard with the STB205 Turbo Brush and is HEPA Certified.
S4 Galaxy Series has the SBD450 Floor tool, optional STB205 Turbo Brush,and is Hepa Certified

The next series of vacuums will be the Straight Suction models only. They work great for all bare floors, especially on hard wood and tile. Listed below is information on whether the vacuum is HEPA Certified or HEPA Filtered.

S4 Galaxy Series has the SBD450 Floor tool, and is Hepa Certified
S2120 Olympus has the SBD450 Floor Tool and is HEPA filtered.

We have not included all of the features that the Miele has to offer, but have tried to touch on some of the more common questions that most people tend to consider when buying a vacuum. We hope that this will help make your decision a little easier. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us and we will walk you through the Miele difference!

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What kind of floor surfaces do you have? Wall to wall carpeting, area rugs, wood/tile, or a mixture?
Do you have pets?
Is air quality an issue for your family?
If you have bare floor surfaces only, do you prefer canisters or uprights?
Do you have a particular price range you would like to stay in?

Help Choosing your Miele

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