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Lindhaus Cleans DC
Lindhaus goes to Washington

We all live in a new world since Sept 11th, and our Government in Washington is rising to meet the new challenges of indoor air quality in their operations. Their need to provide a clean and safe work environment for our elected officials has become an issue of national concern. Lindhaus HealthCare Vacuums are now being used in the clean up and maintenance of government offices and buildings in Washington, DC.

As you might imagine, cleaning all of the government office buildings in Washington is a tremendous task. Add to this the complications of removing microscopic lung damaging particles and the job becomes even more difficult. The decision was made to replace existing commercial vacuums with new equipment that could handle this new task.

The government consulted with professionals and ordered evaluation machines to make a comparison. Many manufacturers submitted their best machines to be used for this unique cleaning task. Most every commercial quality vacuum with high filtration characteristics were considered. At the end of the evaluation process, Lindhaus vacuums were the only recommendation forwarded to department heads. With an emphasis on cleaning ability, soil removal and particle retention Lindhaus vacuum cleaners stand out from the crowd.

On November 16th, Lindhaus shipped the first segment of a multi-part order; the second segment was shipped on November 30th totaling over 400 Lindhaus vacuums so far. Al Carpenter of Lindhaus USA/A.C. Sales followed the vacuums out to Washington in order to train over 150 maintenance workers on the use of the Lindhaus vacuums. The meeting was scheduled to take place at 10:30 p.m. on November 20th, however it was not to be. 

As Carpenter went into the government building he was met by 3 guards who told him to leave immediately as they had just ordered an evacuation of the whole facility, due to another anthrax discovery, 1 hour prior to the meeting. Although the workers will put the vacuums to work now, Carpenter will make another attempt at training in early January.

The Lindhaus vacuums were shipped via ABF Freight. Allen Johnson with ABF was responsible for coordinating the delivery with government officials, securing authorized delivery and release at the final destination. "Delivery to a secure government facility is a complicated matter these days, ABF excels in tracking and delivering these shipments" says Johnson. ABF has had to provide the Government police with extensive details and background searches on all the drivers that service the Washington D.C. area in order to obtain clearance to deliver critical shipments.

All shipments going to these buildings must first be cleared at a special delivery area where the truck will be inspected and x-rayed, then forwarded to it's final destination. Upon arrival the vacuums will immediately be put to use in clean up sites removing particulate, soil and contaminates.

"It means a great deal to us when the government, or any customer can evaluate our product along side our competitors best equipment and we come out on top" says Al Carpenter of Lindhaus USA/A.C. Sales Inc.

Lindhaus USA worked closely with government procurement officials to ensure timely delivery of the proper equipment for the clean up. "Even though I was told the superiority of our products was evident the first time they were used, we went out of our way to make sure they had the full information about our products' cleaning ability. Their special HEPA Filtration needs meant we had to act quickly bringing in additional HEPA filters from our production facility. To meet the demand of this special emergency order required 1200 Lindhaus HEPA filters to be shipped via air freight from the manufacturer's facilities in Italy.

"Although having a special dedicated shipment of HEPA filters brought in from Italy was an enormous expense; it was the right thing to do. Getting our lawmakers back to work in their offices is important. We consider the fulfillment part of our patriotic duty."

We are very proud that our vacuum cleaners will be used in our nation's Capitol to clean our government's buildings. We know our vacuum's exceptional performance and quality construction will serve our government during this critical time and for years to come.

Lindhaus SRL located in Padova, Italy is the manufacturer of fine Home and Healthcare Vacuums.

Lindhaus USA located in the Burnsville/Savage, MN is the American Home Office and distribution center for North America.

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